I am proud to introduce the fourth major release (and first IMAGE release) of TriPi; a three-way environment for the Raspberry Pi that caters to (almost) all of your entertainment needs!



What is TriPi?

TriPi (Pronounced "Tri-Pie") is (now) a flashable image for those with a Raspberry Pi 2 model B which includes a fresh install of Raspbian Wheezy, Kodi 15.1 and RetroPie (Emulationstation). The best part-- it is preconfigured for you to be able to navigate between Kodi and RetroPie without the need for a keyboard!



  • Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, with a power supply that can provide a steady, reliable 2.1A.

  • 16GB or larger MicroSD card (or 16GB+ of available space on an external HDD, should you choose to move your /root partition there)

  • Xbox360 controller (Wired or Wireless). The major purpose of this project is to go keyboardless, but if you would rather use a keyboard, this image will still function perfectly fine without a controller.