TriPi - Wheezy Base (1.1GB .7z file download)

TriPi 4.0 Wheezy Base
MD5: 5f1477437c4b7a4e6012debde361a08e

TriPi 4.0 image(Compression Courtesy of Reddit user /u/mileycirrhosis)

  • Features a compressed /root partition, and only a few packages removed to save space. All major functionality is still available for Raspbain, and all features for Kodi/RetroPie are still included. You will need to expand your /root partition manually within Raspi-Config.

  • Wheezy packages removed in this version: Minecraft-Pi, Sonic-Pi, Wolfram-Engine


MD5: 597fca7625f73a4be3bf6b5c41a34609

This image is JUST the necessary files needed for the Raspberry Pi to be able to run through it's bootloader, where it can then hand off the remainder of the boot process to an external device. It is a modified copy of the bootloader provided with the latest official Wheezy release.

If you don't know what that means, then you don't need this.

If you do know what it means, I will inform you that it is pre-configured to allow booting from /dev/sda1 as the /root partition, while allowing /dev/sda2 to mount under /media/USB0 for storage. /boot/config.txt is also preconfigured as described in the 'Features' section. This particular setup may not be for everyone, but I am providing it for convenience. You can always modify the above mentioned settings for your mounting/booting needs.